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New love.

I did not plan on being there. I had no intentions of meeting any one. I was not looking for her, I swear. But I turned that corner, and she caught my eye. There was a small crowd gathered around her, engaging her, trying to get her attention. She is stunning, I thought as I got a second glance…I guess I have always had a soft spot for blue eyed girls.

Funny, one minute I am content with my life, the next I am thrown out for a spin.  I pretend to not to look at her, but I get closer. Look cool, look cool, don’t make eye contact…I noticed her looking at me…did she wink at me?   No! Can’t do that! Not at my age? What am I thinking of? What would Beth and the kids say? We’ve got plans… It is useless, now I am standing in front of her, she turns her head to look away from me, I cannot resist reaching out to touch her.

My hand is met by her shiny wet cold nose. She shyly licks my fingers, and I see a sign on the crate, it reads “Adopt me, PANDA”. The name fits like a glove, her striking gray-black markings on white fur do remind me of the cute bears, but her one ice-blue eye and bandit face mask give her an intriguing sort of mischievous look. “Do you want me to take her out of the crate” a nice volunteer offered. I am confused, I have resisted the urge to have a dog for over 30 years, I do not want any attachments, not now, we are almost empty nesters… “Yes, please” I answered immediately.

Her coat was as smooth as it looked. She felt a bit on the thin side, but looked alert and happy to be held. The lady let me pet her and said “she is only 4 months old, she needs a nice home”. Can’t do this, not without talking to Beth… “can I take her picture” I ask the lady, and right after send it as a text to Beth with a simple question “Yes?”. IMG_5969

No immediate response, few minutes pass NOTHING! It was a crazy idea anyways, it would not work, but I really want her, and Hunter has been asking for a dog since forever…No text back. “If I wanted to adopt her what do I have to do?” I ask the volunteer, somewhat not really sure what to do if she’d say ” here, just take her”. She gives me a form and tells me, “please fill this out first, and I’ll have the manager evaluate it”.

It was not easy, while I was filling out the form a couple had stopped to look at Panda, they wanted to fill an application too. I failed the adoption interview, the manager had to make sure all people in the household wanted a dog. Beth was nowhere to be found, and Hunter was at home, both of them clueless of what was going on.

I left the adoption tent, not even looking at any other dog. A few minutes later I got a call from Beth “so, what’s going on?”. I explained, and asked how soon could she get to the adoption tent. We agreed to meet back at the tent once I had a chance to get Hunter from home. I ran back to the tent to tell them I was bringing my family in but the manager told me “sorry, the couple that was here right after you is taking her, I have your number in case it does not work”.

On a hunch, I still decided to go home to get my son, and drive back to meet Beth at the tent as planned. When we got back, I see the couple walking outside with Panda and another dog. They recognized me, and came by “we went home to see if she would get along with our dog, I am not sure it will work” she tells me….Yeah!!

On our second interview with the manager, this time as a family, we nailed it! We were allowed to adopt her. Our older sons came home to meet her the day after we got her. They reacted as I had hoped, everyone has embraced her as a part of our family.IMG_5853 IMG_2034 IMG_2033

In two days, it will be 4 weeks since she moved in. What an awesome pup she is. We are still not sure what kind of parents she had (best guess is Husky-Terrier mix), or even how big she will end up being (the people from the shelter guessed about 70 lbs, but the vet thinks she will top off at 45 lbs). She is an active dog very strong and lightning fast. Panda is also very smart, in the short time she has been with us she has already trained us to a few-times-a-day walking routine, and for that she has rewarded us with very few mishaps in the house. IMG_5911 IMG_5932

We have also taken her hiking, and because of her we are finding more reasons to go out on a hike early in the morning on Sundays. We are all learning to play fetch, and even have fun going to the dog park.IMG_2976IMG_2975IMG_2964IMG_2990 IMG_5899 IMG_5948 IMG_5957

Owning a dog is certainly not easy, it is a long term commitment, but it feels like we were overdue for it. I have caught Beth a couple of times sitting of the floor petting and talking to Panda, they both seemed to be smiling.IMG_5777