Monthly Archives: February 2016

Entropy is a bitch

Time, if you leave it alone, it tends to mess everything. Science says it is the natural state of the universe, “the entropy must always grow to the fullest”. But, why? Why should we let the flowers wither? Why must an illustrious life end as dust on the road? Why do friends separate to the point of not recognizing each other if they meet again? Why do fiery loves become ashes with the pass of time?

We spend half of our lives learning, building, arising, loving, consolidating… And without noticing, time passes by, and the bulldozer of entropy doesn’t stop. Still plowing everything in its path, spreading families apart, cooling hearts, distancing friends, undoing buttons.

This year we have one more day, a day that comes every four years. A day we don’t even know what to do with. Let’s use that day to give a little detour to the running of time, to slow down the growth of the infamous entropy. Let’s call someone that is far away, let us sow again another seed of togetherness, let’s water the garden of love and friendship, let’s look at the clock straight on and yell ” FUCK ENTROPY!!” Let us not turn to dust without telling someone that we remember him, that we miss her, let’s not waste that day without reminiscing times we lived together.

From this moment on, in my full mental capacity, I declare February 29th as THE UNIVERSAL DAY FOR STOPPING ENTROPY, let’s fight together to stop it, and let’s make it obey us.