30 days from seed to salad plate

Today we had our first harvest of the season. Not bad considering that about a month ago I was still wearing a down sweater while planting some of our seedlings. We picked a handful of radishes, and their tops, and some lettuce leaves, enough for a nice salad that we put together with tomatoes, cucumber, and a honey Dijon vinaigrette.

IMG_1682 IMG_1688 photo 1-1

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly radishes grow, I can’t think of any other crop that can be enjoyed in as little as 30 days from planting the seeds.

IMG_1669The perfect plant for those short on patience, and great to introduce children to gardening, as aside from being fast growing, they give a fantastic display as the roots seem to crawl out of the ground as they grow. Moreover, almost nothing really goes to waste, as the tops and the roots are all edible.





6 thoughts on “30 days from seed to salad plate

  1. Hey, how are you?! Great looking radishes; isn’t awesome how they develop so quickly?!
    I just harvested ours last week for Hub’s snack and reseeded for another harvest end of this month (hopefully it doesn’t get too hot for them).
    I sampled one of them and boy were they hot! To be honest, I like spicy peppers but I don’t like spicy radishes; I guess I expect them to be cooling like a cucumber. Were yours spicy as well or did I underwater them, leave them in the ground too long (about 25-30 days; they did start to split but we got a ton of rain), or something? I used regular soil with a bit of compost (3:1 ratio) and kept the soil moist.
    Also, I had no idea the tops were edible! My mother-in-law said they weren’t; how are they prepared? I’d love to use as much of my plants as possible if you don’t mind sharing your knowledge.
    Oh, great news! Hubs is going to fit out our highbed for SFGing next spring! I’m so excited! I’ve even talked him into building a trellis and a floating cover as well; isn’t that awesome?! Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Hi, thank you for coming back and for your nice comment.
      My radishes were tasty but so far they have not been as spicy as I would have liked them to be. I do grow them with drip irrigation, so maybe that is why they do not get as hot as I want them.
      Regarding the leaves, I use the young ones as salad greens. I understand the older leaves can be cooked just like spinach or kale, I am not too much of a cooked leaf fan myself…
      It seems you will be getting a nice sfg sor next season, the best time to build it is in the late summer/fall that way you can start planting early enough in the winter or spring. let me know if I can help in any way.

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  2. Wow! I had no idea radishes were so quick to grow. I admit I didn’t know you could eat the tops, either. I should give them a try next season. Or maybe this year…


    1. That is the fun part, you could start them mid season, every other week for continuous harvest up until mid fall. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!


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