Three, two, one…

What am I thankful for?
CFor the three that carry a part of me, you are my blessings, my joy and my pride, you are the ones that give meaning to my passage through this world.

IMG_1631 IMG_0808

For the two that brought me here, for your immense love, for teaching me the value of hard work, for showing me right from wrong and planting in me a sense of pride, the backbone on which I continue to mold my life.

IMG_0614 Abuelo

For the one that walks next to me,  for sharing your life with me, for f lsf lsyour smiles and warm embrace, for always letting me fly as far as I can, and for showing me the ground when I have gone too high, for giving me the 3 greatest gifts of my life.


For the many that have been and still are part of my life, for the good memories, for the beers, for the laughs, and even for the tears, for your teachings, for the jokes and the songs that still remind me of you.

For the few that have tried to break me, for you have just made me stronger.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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