A new kind of busy

My late season plantings are growing very slowly, the chilly spell is not really helping at all. I guess I have to be happy with the three cucumbers and a few spaghetti squash that are now growing on the plants. I am not sure if I will see another zucchini this year, but have to report that my last hybrid tasted delicious in a fritata my wife made with some of our giant tomatoes too.


This weekend c I started consolidating my compost pile, and I also moved a small fig tree and a few flowering bushes to different areas of my yard in hope of having a larger garden next year.


However, these days I find myself spending more time planning what I want to do next season. I have reconfigured my 2014 garden in my head many times in the past few weeks in response to good ideas taken from cool videos or blogs. I have made long mental lists of the things that I want to try, as well as of the mistakes I don’t want to repeat, I will try to put them on paper to share with all in the near future.

6 thoughts on “A new kind of busy

  1. Just Read this with Becca Here is her response:
    “His garden looks so good. I really did take good care of it while he was away”. She wants you to know she wants to come back over and take care of it next time you go away. She also said “I probably am the best farmer he has working there” (she is too funny and very confident–huh?)


  2. Lovely garden and I wish I’d grown zucchini this year! Weather here in Victoria, BC is hot and sunny, not bad, since rain was predicted! I’m a newbie with veggie gardening and sure learning by my mistakes! Lots of fun.


    1. Hi, thank you for following. Victoria BC, now that is a beautiful place, and great weather. I do consider myself a garden newbie too, it is just in the past few years that I have ventured into planting bigger and bigger areas of my yard. It is certainly tons of fun.


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